Many of these are available through or Research Gate

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Book Chapters

Case Studies

Case Studies

  •    Jia, F., Wu, Z. and Gosling, J. (2013) ‘Tetrapak in China’ ECCH

  •    Jia, F., Wu, Z. and Gosling, J. (2014) ‘Nestle in China’ ECCH


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  • Markov, S. and Gosling, J.  (2007) Female Entrepreneurship in the South West of England: Findings relating to Financial Resources for business start-ups, for SWRDA, (4 pages)

Research Grants and Contracts

  • Leadership and management implications of adopting strategies to eliminate (rather than control) malaria

  • Leadership development in health - best practice case studies from around the world

  • Governance and the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Ethical leadership - spirituality

  • Agricultural supply chains and food security in Colombia

  • Multi-sector partnerships: generating shared mindsets and understandings for productive partnering 

  • Sustainability innovations in China: how multinational companies are changing business practice.

  • Centre for Tourism, Sport and Leisure Research: Doctoral projects on rugby, coastal reserves, rural entrepreneurship etc.                            

  • Academic Leadership:  how academics conceive of leadership and management (who they follow, and why)                                                                                        

  • Distributed Leadership in HE: how power is distributed in universities, and the implications for trust and engagement                                                         

  • Leadership and Organisational Performance: measurements and incentives in high-performance organisations                                   

  •  Theory and Practice in the workplace: how middle and senior managers explain their actions        

Honours and Awards

  • Outstanding paper in the Academy of Management Journal of Learning and Education 2016 for 'Aesthetic of power'

  • Visiting Professor, Renmin University of China, 2015

  • Otto Mønsted Visiting Professor, Copenhagen Business School, 2013/14

  • Fellow of Lancaster Leadership Centre, Lancaster University, appointed 2014

  • Fellow of the International Academy of Management, elected 2013

  • Fellow of the Singapore Civil Service College, 2013/15

  • Decision Sciences Institute, Best Case Study finalist, 2013

  • INSEAD, Distinguished Visiting Professor of Leadership Development, 2009

  • Lund University, Visiting Scholar, 2009

  • Leadership Trust, Fellow, 2010 - present

  • Bled School of Management, University of Lubljana, Slovenia, Visiting Professor, 2008 

  • McGill University, Visiting Professor 1996 – 1998

  • Windsor Leadership Trust Fellow, 2006 - 2014

  • Academy of Management: Finalist 2004 AMLE Best Paper for “Educating Managers Beyond Borders”

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