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It was a pleasure seeing and hearing you create a deeply situated learning space: facts, story, drama, pictures, voice, and a long sulphurous tail. Such a compelling narrative and call to lead and follow. Beyond the edge of comfort. I’m grateful I was there. Thank you for the gift you offered to this group of University of the West of England Professors.’- Sandra Starkey, Learning and Development Consultant: Leadership and Management

He gave tangible advice on being a good leader/manager.

Jonathan inspired us with true stories and philosophical examples at the same time. It's an insightful session to nudge me on how to be daring in making a choice.


Concrete suggestions.


His vision/view and experience together with the impressive facts and figures he showed.


He showed me a different take on the concept of leadership. A leader is not someone who tells others what to do, but who puts others in the position to make choices. Before, I never considered myself as 'leadership-potential', but this is an interpretation of leadership that I can identify myself with. 


He conveyed the largest authority and spoke to us as future leaders ("you will be hated and loved", etc.) instead of telling his own story.


Life is all about taking the right decisions.He gave an insight into the emotional and logical part of the decision making.I find it really inspiring and usefull in our day today life


They both were able to inspire me to take two steps back on my personal values as a leader, and understand how my values/philosophy translates into impact. 


For either their journey and what they have achieved or for the topics they have talked about during their presentations. Especially Jonathan Gosling and Ralien Bekkers.


Very wise speech, gave specific data that helped to understand the situation, lot of good examples

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